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Once again it's reached that time of the year where I'm absolutely sick of wearing 2 pairs of socks everyday, not to mention 3 jumpers, scarves, coats and all of the extra layers I have been throwing on every morning for the last few months, just to be able to leave the house! Right now, I'm seriously craving heat! I want summer and sunshine, and just to generally shiver less. 

I've also worn my winter wardrobe to death, so I'm really looking forward to having a mini shopping spree and investing in some new items for Spring. This spring I think I might move out of my comfort zone a little and invest in some pink/nude/neutral shade items. I'm definitely not a 'pink person' and not sure I remember the last time I owned an item of clothing that was pink... But I'm currently really enjoying the dusty pink & neutrals tones that seem to be everywhere as we're approaching Spring. And I really do need to venture away from my all black comfort zone; although this dark place which I know and love is very easy, its also pretty dull and boring, so its definitely time to lighten things up this spring. 

So here's a little selection of a few of my favourite pieces that are on the high street at the minute. As usual, ZARA and H&M are ruling my top picks. They both have some really lovely pieces at the minute, at really reasonable prices, so I'm sure there's a few purchases to be had there! I think the dusty pink jeans are going to be one of the items I go ahead and buy, because I think they'll be a really good spring/summer staple to have in my wardrobe; I really like the look of white jeans in the sunnier months, but I often find them really unwearable and impractical due to the fact they're just so easy to get dirty. So I think these dusty pinks ones will be a great alternative, as they'll still look really fresh and light, without the hassle of having to keep them spotless (an essential consideration for a messy eater like myself). 

I'm also really loving the layered nude long sleeve top, thats currently in stock in ZARA. It's really simple but looks that extra bit special because of the mixed fabric layering and the asymmetric hem. Definitely one I'm planning to try on on my next visit to the store. - Annoyingly, we don't have a ZARA store in Newcastle City Centre, which is completely ridiculous, but at the same time, a godsend for my bank account; so I shouldn't complain too much!
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now... Let me know your favourite picks and also which trends you're planning to wear this Spring.


  1. Amazing choices, love this colour!

  2. Absolutely neutrals all the way! You just can't go wrong with a neutral colours. Plus they look so chic! Frankly I want them all but my favourite one has to be the pointed flats! Damn Zara and all their amazing products! Fantastic post!

  3. UM yes please! These all look great. Except for some reason it reminds me of the gray matters party in Breaking Bad, where literally everyone was wearing beige. .... excluding Walter and Skyler.

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