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Leather Jacket: ZARA 
Oversized Scarf : ZARA 
White and Black Stripe Top: Primark
Necklace: c/o Links of London via Joshua James Jewellery* 
Bag: Primark 
Sunglasses: Primark 
Black Boots: Mango 
Watch: Olivia Burton 

Today's outfit post is what I'd call quick and casual. I used to wear this leather jacket to absolute death! I've probably had it about 5 years now, and by god have I got my wear out of it. To be honest, it's probably about time I invested in a new one, but I strangely feel like I'd be betraying this one. This was actually the first time I'd worn it in ages, as my huge coat and fluffy jumpers have really been prioritised recently due to the arctic conditions we have to endure up here in Newcastle!

Whenever I'm going for a more casual outfit, I always try to make it that little bit more exciting by adding some jewellery. It's a really easy way of looking like you made an effort, when really you just wanted to throw something on that would be comfy! If you asked me a few years ago about mixing metals in jewellery I would have said something along the lines of 'eugh no', politely followed by 'please don't do that'. I used to think it looked really tacky, but its funny how with time and trends, our opinions and views can change. Can you believe I actually picked out this Silver AND Rose Gold necklace from a whole range of single-coloured pieces!? Yep, I wouldn't have believed you either. But I really love the way these two metals come together in this piece, its makes it some much more noticeable, whilst still being beautifully subtle.

In other stories, I'm still currently mourning the fact that I'm no longer on holiday in Milan, pretending I'm rich, and eating my body weight in Pizza. Which is all just very upsetting. But I've been pinning away on Pinterest and dreaming of the next place to tick off the bucket list... I'm thinking Budapest! ... Any recommendations?

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  1. Love this outfit on you! It looks great!xo

    Char |

  2. stellar outfit! I especially like the black to purple color of your glasses! It adds a special touch to the outfit

    BCfactor Blog |

  3. I love those boots, such a lovely outfit xx

  4. such a lovely yet causal outfit! I love how you mixed the jewellery I always thought it was a big no no but it looks amazing! oooo if you hear of any recommendations of budapest let me know, me and a couple of friends are looking to go too!

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