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If you've somehow missed my annoying countdowns over all my social media channels, you probably won't know that I'm going to Milan next week (you should also consider yourself quite lucky, because I've really been talking about it a lot). Me and Sam are flying over for a long weekend on 6th Feb, lasting just around 3 days. We've done a few winter getaways before this trip, so I'm getting pretty good at packing a collection of essential but fashionable outfits that will keep me warm, but also fit in my cabin size carry on bag (who wants to spend £40 each way on a large suitcase - screw you Ryan Air luggage fees).

I remember when I was younger I used to watch loads of Gok Wan fashion shows (anybody else remember those?), and he used to always talk about a 'capsule wardrobe', which basically meant you have a few essential pieces of clothing and accessories that were interchangeable with each other, so you could easily create a variety of different looks with a minimal amount of items. So that's kind of what I've done with this post (as well as it also being a bit of a wishlist of things I'd love to buy right now but can't afford!). With 18 pieces of clothing/accessories I've created 5 different outfits that would be suitable for a long weekend winter getaway, including options for 3 daytimes and 2 nights.

I'm aware that some people could look at this and not consider 2 fedora hats and 2 pairs of sunglasses as essentials, which is pretty understandable. But for me, Milan is a place where I want to dress quite nicely, but still keep warm and comfy so that i'm prepared for long days of touristy activities. The items above give a general impression of what I'll be packing in my cabin baggage and the arrangements below show how I'll style similar items from my own wardrobe whilst I'm away.

An essential item to any winter wardrobe is probably a black coat. I only recently realised that I didn't actually own a staple classic style black coat. I've got black leather jackets, black puffa coats & black blazer jackets, but I didn't have a classic-cut everyday black coat. So I was delighted when I stumbled upon a lovely one from Mango (I would share but I can't seem to find it online) which quickly became the news addition to my wardrobe - and just in time for Milan!
Outfit number 1 consists of a bold block stripe print statement top from New look. I came across this top online and I really love the colours and the whole print, so I thought it would look great with a black coat and jeans and a fedora. I then picked out a scarf that matched both the colours in the top and the colour in the grey boots, so that every item complemented each other nicely.

chloe dupe bag. fashion blogger travelling style UK
 One of the easiest ways to cut down on your packing is to match your accessories so that you only really need one bag for everything, and at most only 2 pairs of shoes, one for day and one for night. By doing this you will save so much space in your cabin bag, as bulky bags and shoes can really take up a lot of space in those small bags. So if you only take 1 bag and 2 pairs of shoes, you essentially only have to pack 1 pair of shoes, because you can wear the rest whilst travelling- perfect! For the first evening I chose a nice peachy coloured blouse from New look with a pair of leather look jeans, which I personally think look a bit more exciting for an evening time than just your basic black jeans.

Grey Stylish Outfit Winter Wardrobe
A look that I keep seeing all over Instagram at the minute is the grey coat trend. Great examples of this look definitely go to Arielle Charnas from Something Navy (see here) and Kenza Zouiten from Kenzas (see here) who can be seen in those links totally nailing the grey coat look. The coat featured above is only £29.99 in Zara at the minute - an absolute bargain! It is quite thin - which is beneficial packing-wise, as it obviously takes up less space, however, it might not do so well on a cold day; which is why I've teamed it with a thick knit jumper, to makes sure I'm kept toasty all day. Teamed with the same blue jeans from the previous day, same grey boots and bag, and a lovely grey fedora from Mango, makes a cosy winter outfit!

 Blogger evening night out style travel guide packing 
This dress doesn't look too amazing in this screen grab from Zara's website, but I recently saw it in the store and thought it looked so beautiful! It's a really lovely thick material and looked like it would be a really flattering fit too. Sadly I didn't let myself try it on, as I know I don't really need it.. but a girl can dream, hence why it made it onto this post. For this evening outfit I teamed the little patterned Zara dress with the black coat and the same black heels worn the previous night. Also how great is this Chloe style dupe bag from H&M! I know the Faye-style Chloe bag has been duped the hell out of for a while now, but I still think this is a pretty nice version.

What to Wear in Milan Winter Getaway Fashion Style Blogger
Oh no! This is sadly where my trip will be coming to an end and I'll be sat at the airport crying at the thought of not eating pizza everyday for the rest of my life. But before getting to the airport, I'll have some time to be a tourist, so best make this time count! For this outfit I picked out this beautiful statement faux fur scarf from ASOS, I love the pastel colours in it, and I think it looks pretty Milanese too. Teamed with the leather look jeans from the first evening and a fresh lightweight jumper from Zara, which is a really lovely lilac-grey shade. A pair of blacked-out sunglasses to pretend I'm famous, and I'm ready to go! 

So that's the complete 5 looks there, created with just 18 pieces of clothing. Hopefully this post might have given just some basic outfit inspo, if nothing else, as these outfits could easily be worn at any time during the winter months, in any place! Here's the links below of where you can shop everything that I've featured. Let me know your favourite outfit in the comments!


  1. So many lovely items! I especially love the faux fur scarf & cat eye sunglasses! x


  2. Awesome showcase of designer outwear. Good work! Daniel Craig 007 Jacket

  3. Love all of these outfits! They'll look great on you! Hope you have a fab time :)
    Will you take photo's on your trip and post on your blog about it?xo

    Char |

    1. Aw Thank you! And yes I'm definitely planning to blog about it! - expect plenty of pictures of pizza and pasta soon!

  4. I hope you have an amazing time - considering your outfit choices here, I'm sure it will be amazing! ;)

    Kyah /

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  7. Love the "second day" look; need that polo knit and the boots! Have a great time - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Great advices! I will totally follow these steps! Thank you!

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