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Can you seriously believe it's November already? This year has totally flown by and before we know it, it's going to be Christmas and New Year all over again! So I thought I'd do a little November wishlist to prepare for the weather - because I don't know about where you are, but up in Newcastle it's definitely about to get a lot colder!

I hadn't actually planned to, but this post somehow ended up as an entire H&M wishlist. I was going to just do a general wishlist, and H&M was my first stop for browsing, and well, what can I say - I clearly got carried away! But they have some lovely pieces in at the minute and as always, for great budget prices.

My first pick was a staple wardrobe black coat - but surprisingly, something that I don't already own. I have beige coats, cream coats, blue coats, grey coats, yellow and even a multicoloured printed coat, but I actually can't believe I don't have a black coat. I love black?! So clearly, this problem has to be sorted. At just £49.99 this coat is a pretty good deal and I really love the shape and fit of how it looks on the model.

The next thing that really caught my eye was the multi-tonal shades of yellow printed top. I just thought it was really different, and the colours are perfect for an autumn wardrobe piece.

I'm also really keen to get a pair of faux leather trousers at the minute. I've had pairs before but they've always either been too tight and felt uncomfortable to wear, or they haven't held together well. I'm also always unsure as to whether they suit me or not, I want to be able to wear them casually - without looking like a hooker. But I think that's because I've previously had leather leggings, rather than trousers. So I think if I try out this bargain pair for just £12 (absolute steal!) I can get a feel for whether they're for me or not.

I've linked all the other items below, if anything caught your eye, they're all pretty inexpensive so it's worth a peak!

Links to shop all items:

What's your favourite piece? Comment and let me know


  1. £12 for some leather look trousers?! Bargain!
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    💙 JH |

  2. These are all amazing picks and you could SO get away with faux leather trousers!
    Amazing post lovely!
    Amy | Blonde Amy x

  3. These picks are great! I'm eyeing up that beige jumper and grey hat! All great deals too, H&M are fab for that! You would look fab in leather trousers.

    josievictoriaa / fashion, travel and lifestyle

  4. You have really nice blog and articles are great!

  5. H&M Leather look trousers are always too short for my long legs :'(


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