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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the North East Blogger Awards hosted by O PR Communications Agency at Newcastle's BonBar venue. Not only was I lucky enough to be invited, but I was also (probably by some mistake) short-listed for two awards! Which came as quite a lovely surprise, seeing as though this blog is really just a place for me to feel less guilty when I go on major shopping sprees that I can't afford (the "it's okay, I'm going to blog about it" line never gets old)...

Upon seeing the list of the final short-listed bloggers I would be 'competing against', I already knew this wasn't my blogs year to win, which didn't bother me at all considering the incredibly high standard of lovely bloggers in the North East! Along with the fact I still can't get my head around being in the shortlist! But I was still incredibly excited to attend the evening, because how often do you get to go to an 'awards night', really!?

The night was really enjoyable and it was lovely to get to meet a few faces that I only knew from the screen of my laptop prior to the event. O PR provided a range of great entertainment to keep us busy throughout the night, which included a prop-filled photobooth courtesy of FaceBooth North East ; Perfect for me, because dressing up fancy and posing politely is fun for all of about 5 minutes, then it's time to throw on some hideous hats and wigs and pull facial expressions that make you resemble an inside out pig (no ...just me?).
As well as this, House of Savannah spa also provided a room filled with all things relaxing, such as hand massages and make up top ups! Ideal for a room filled with beauty and fashion bloggers.
They also nailed the most important aspect of any night... the food; in true Geordie style, Greggs supplied a selection of baked goods, as well as selection of lovely canapés being offered all the way throughout the night... mmmm.
I was a pretty bad blogger and only took about 2 pictures of the whole night (shameful), so I've added in a few from the photobooth and few I've seen online...

nebloggerawards ne blogger awards north east blogger clothes and stuff

nebloggers nebloggerawards north east blogger newcastle clothesandstuff
(Photo credit: FaceBooth North East)
nebloggerawards clothes and stuff clothesandstuff.co.uk
photo credit: O PR
neblogger awards nebloggers north east newcastle bloggers 2015 clothesandstuff
photo credit: O PR

I'd be a huge liar if I told you 'I immediately knew what I wanted to wear'... In fact, after 2 ASOS deliveries, 3 Missguided deliveries, 1 Boohoo delivery and 1 H&M delivery, I still wasn't certain what I wanted to wear. What do you wear to an award ceremony? I had no idea, because really, I'd only ever seen pictures from Hollywood Awards ceremonies, and I didn't really feel like dropping by in an Angelina Jolie thigh-high-split style award dress- I'm just not sure Newcastle award ceremonies are ready for that yet. So eventually, after many deliveries, I chose a few items that were already in my cupboard (typical) and a few of the new things I ordered also; I opted for a simple black cropped t shirt and high waisted trousers combo, with a white blazer and some lace up heels to make it a bit more exciting. Pretty simple outfit and not too pricey... you can shop the exact items below:

Missguided - £30
Missguided - £25
Missguided - £15
eBay -£18.95
New Look via ASOS - £19.99

I'd definitely recommend checking out some of the winning blogs, because there are some truly talented bloggers in the north east region who really deserve to be celebrated. See the winners list here
Big thank you to O PR for putting on such a great night!


  1. Love your outfit you look amazing, Bonbar is such a great venue!



  2. Congrats on being shortlisted! I won the student blogger award last year, but couldn't make the awards this year due to college work. Which is a shame because the ceremony looked so good and a lot bigger compared to last year. Your outfit is stunning too, good choice!

    Holly x


  3. Great post Kitty - your outfit was so cute! looking forward to catching up soon x


  4. Your outfit is on point! You look stunning, really! I love the whole combination, I want the top, trousers and most definitely those shoes now!! I'm glad you had a nice time, and congrats on being shortlisted! Sounds like a really great event!

    JosieVictoriaa // josievictoriaa.blogspot.co.uk // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  5. Love your outfit <3

    Swantje from www.swanted.de

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