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Wait, what? Shortlisted? For an award? Me? Hang on, are you sure? 
...Apparently they are, I double checked just in case! I can't quite believe it but this little blog of mine is currently shortlisted for not one, but two (!!!) awards in the North East Blogger Awards 2015. <- Click link if you want to double check  (I may also be checking every day in case they change their minds).

I'm too excited to say that Clothes and Stuff is up for the Best Student Blog and the Best Looking Blog award! To be considered for both of these categories is incredible, as they both tie in with my overall aim of this blog and the content I intended to produce upon its birth. So I thought I'd write this little post to celebrate and to tell the story of my blog so far.

I started blogging a while ago, but only really got into the full swing of it about a year ago, when I decided I would begin to post more consistently. My blog originated because of my gradually growing annoyance at my university degree; I studied Media, Communications & Cultural studies at Newcastle University, and despite thoroughly loving my university experience, I would often become annoyed at the lack of creative opportunities that came with my course. I enjoyed writing- but with every piece of assessed work being a written essay, I became eager to find ways I could produce creative content outside of my education, with limited cost supplies. 

That's when I stumbled into the blogging world! I've always enjoyed writing, photography, design and the internet - as my A Level choices of English, Art, Graphics & Media show this! And most importantly, I've always loved shopping! So what better creative hobby than something that involves all of these wonderful things?

I decided I didn't want to buy a pre-made design template for my blog, as I wanted everything of mine to be original content. I'm not knocking anyone who uses them - I think they look awesome, and way more professional than mine! But I just wanted to use this space on the internet as my little experiment, where I can learn, develop and grow my skills in web layouts, graphic design & HTML knowledge. After I started to play around, I realised I had began to get the bug for this blogging business, and with every day I was eager to create something new. 

Next step: content. My relationship with clothes and shopping is an interesting one, because I have always been extremely tight with my money! Mainly because I have always found it possible to maintain a great style on a low budget. Some call it stingy, but I call it sensible! And fashion trends can be bought, but style can't! Anyway, enough with the cheesy liners- I'm a cheapskate! I love a bargain and whenever I find a great one, I just want to share it. So, I thought this blog would be a little way to share my bargains with the world, and in particular, other students who are facing shopping addictions on student budgets like myself (pray for the students).

So, that's basically the story behind why I started blogging. From these 2 reasons, you can probably begin to see why I'm so chuffed about being nominated for these two awards in particular! It's so lovely for all of the bloggers efforts to be recognised, and I'm so thrilled just to be considered! So a huge thank you to anyone who takes their time to read Clothes and Stuff. It's really just the best hobby a girl could want!

Lots of blog love,


  1. Congratulations! You deserve it, I can't wait to meet and catch up properly x

    1. Congrats to you too! and same - can't wait to see you there on the night! x

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