blogger graduation day Newcastle university

So, it's happened... I'm officially a grown up. A real life walking adult, with a full-time job, who pays bills, and has real responsibilities, and can no longer spend multiple week days in my onesie watching Netflix. Ahhhhhhh! Last Friday my 3 years at Newcastle University came to resounding end, when I walked onto my ceremony stage as a Student, and walked off as a Graduate. Big deal!I can't even express how amazing these past 3 years have been for me,



Where have I been!? Apologies for my complete absence on here recently! The last few months have been such a busy blur of events that I'm not even sure where I am. I took a break from the blog because frankly, whilst writing my dissertation, I wore nothing but pyjamas and my onesie for about a month and a half... and lets just say that its not exactly a look I want to blog about any time soon. But thankfully, my dissertation (eventually) came to an end, and I


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