One I personally own... £4.59 (Available HERE)

Sometimes the best way to pull together an outfit is to accessorise. The small attention to detail required in matching your bag with your shoes, or your scarf with your hat, can just make that huge difference. Jewellery is wonderful way to accessorise any outfit, as just that extra step of clipping a chain around your neck, can give the appearance that effort and careful thought have been put into your outfit choice. 



Hope everyone brought in the New Year in style and celebrated as they meant to go on!

2015 is a scary year for me, lots of big things are happening and theres a lot of uncertainty as to where I might be in a years time. I'm graduating in July, and finally entering the 'real world'... I hope I'm ready for it, but most importantly I hope it's ready for me!
So this year my new years resolution is going to be to start blogging more! I really enjoy sharing the little things I do and blogging adds a little burst of creativity back to my currently 'dissertation-filled' life.
This years NYE outfit kind of ended up 'Going-All-Taylor'... I have to say, I'm quite a big fan of The Swift; so her Blank Space/VS Fashion Show looks have been my style inspiration this year.

Lace Skort Playsuit - £24.99 -
(Available HERE)

I stumbled across this playsuit on and found myself instantly clicking 'add to basket'! I don't think I actually realised I was looking for the 'Taylor Swift vibe' at first, but my subconscious must have been screaming 'Taylor rocked that black lace look, buy it, BUY IT". So I bought it, and I'm glad I did! It made a lovely, fairly inexpensive NYE outfit, it's good quality, and it even got delivered with some delicious chocolate treats! What more can a girl ask for? Thanks Missguided!


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