Often people are tricked into believing that style has a lot to do with the amount you’re willing to pay for an outfit, despite it being a very personal choice. But as the late fashion editor Diana Vreeland once said, “Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.” Thus, it’s possible to have style, no matter how much you have in your bank account, though we certainly don’t want our outfits to look like they’ve been picked up from a market stall.

There are loads of tips and clothing hacks out there that will have others believe your ensemble cost an arm and a leg to put together. While many people will advise that you reduce your shopping trips and invest more on quality basics, a budget conscious fashionista would still more likely go on a spending spree at an affordable retailer like H&M rather than splurge on essentials from the latest Coach collection, a brand which Lyst editors have described to represent quality, craftsmanship and innovation — a luxury label beyond the majority’s reach.

It’s true that the quality of designer items is a cut above the rest, but there are other tricks in the book that will refine your wardrobe without requiring you to spend more than you are comfortable with. To make your clothes look sophisticated for less, try the following tips:

1)              Find a good tailor

It’s difficult finding clothes that fit you perfectly, especially ones from the sales rack. The fit is a huge factor in elevating your personal style, so if you come across a discounted blazer or pair of dark skinny denim that needs a bit of adjustment, leave it to your tailor to get it right. And if you ever suddenly lose interest in certain items in your wardrobe, ask your tailor to make a couple changes to make them unique and seem brand new, rather than actually buying new clothes. You’d be surprised how a couple of stitches or a switch from plastic to metal buttons can change your appearance.

2)              Invest in a steamer
No matter how much you spend on clothing, nothing cheapens a blouse more than wrinkles, as Zanita Studio reminds readers that having clothes pressed or steamed will already appear more luxurious than they might be. Running them under a hot iron will solve this wardrobe woe, but not all fabrics were made to withstand the heat. A steamer is the safer, easier alternative, will eliminate wrinkles within minutes and change your closet forever.

3)              Do not underestimate the power of accessories

Remember that it’s not all about your clothes. Those little details can really upgrade your outfits to a new level, so keep your handbags in mint condition, opt for gold accessories for a touch of elegance, or cinch your waist with a chic belt for a polished look.

Do you have any tricks you’d like to share?
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  1. These are great tips and I agree, you don't need to spend loads to look like you've spent a lot - I recently picked up the most gorgeous blush pink blouse from Primark that looks a lot more expensive than £10!xo

    Char |

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