Food. Food. Food. Food. I don't know about you, but I'm currently on a health kick in preparation for Summer. This healthy eating plan comes along around the beginning of May each year (and ends around 2 weeks later) when I suddenly have that *oh god I have to look good in a bikini in a few weeks feeling* ...whilst tucking into my fifth bowl of pasta that week. So whilst I'm currently sat thinking about how hungry I still am after that salad, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on some happier food memories...

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a new Thai restaurant in the Metrocentre. Recently the Metrocentre has seriously upped it's restaurant game, with a recent refurbishment and bucket loads of new places to dine, shoppers are really spoilt for choice! When I first heard about the new plans for the Metrocentre, I was excited by the names I knew and recognised already, such as Five Guys and BarBurrito. But I was particularly interested in the chains I hadn't heard of before... such as Thaikhun; an authentic and traditional Thai street food seller.

I'm normally apprehensive when chains claim to be authentic to a traditional food, as I sometimes feel flavours and effort get lost within mass production. But Thaikhun didn't disappoint; I got to try several foods I had never tried before - which is exactly what I want when I'm experiencing a restaurant like this. There was also plenty of spice and flavours within all of the dishes offered. I particularly enjoyed the Thai Green Curry style dish which tasted amazingggggg.

But the best thing about Thaikhun was undoubtedly the atmosphere! I have never seen staff with so much passion, enthusiasm and energy. There was dancing, singing, and even shots been poured (which I was somehow ended up drinking...), and it was above and beyond any service experience I would ever expect from a chain restaurant!

Despite still having no idea how to actually pronounce the name of this restaurant - I would definitely recommend a visit!

*Meal provided by the kind people at Thaikhun, all views & opinions are my own 



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