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How to spend 2 days in Milan what to do in milan best things in Itlay blogger in Milan MFW 16
Before we begin here, let me just warn you this post is a bit photo heavy... There's a slight possibility I may have been overexcited by the sudden change in weather and decided to make up for what ever photo opportunities may have been lost the day before due to the rain... by taking five times as many. So this post is all about my second day in Milan (you can catch up with my first day here) and how we spent our time and used the better weather to do more of the outdoorsy activities that this beautiful city has to offer! The first stop of the day for myself and Sam was the Duomo Cathedral square i.e. the most iconic Milan landmark, so we began the day by wandering around the square and admiring its beauty in the sunlight. Since we were in the fashion capital of Italy, the next stop was obviously the shops! But in Milan, they're so much more than just your average store. Even the high street stores are deigned to feel high end and luxurious, with stores such as H&M and ZARA having the most amazing architecture, design and attention to detail in their displays, it was more of a tourist experience than an actual shopping trip!

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How to spend 2 days in Milan what to do in milan best things in Itlay blogger in Milan MFW 16

How to spend 2 days in Milan what to do in milan best things in Itlay blogger in Milan MFW 16

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After spending some time in the main square area, we decided to venture further out of the centre, as we had heard that Sforza Castle was a good spot to visit. The transport systems in Milan are really great - We used the metro to get pretty much every where and it was super speedy and easy to get around. The only issue we had with it is that you couldn't buy a day ticket, so we had to keep buying singles, which was a bit annoying, but it still worked out at a reasonable price.
Sforza Castle was great to walk around and beyond the castle there was a huge park with some lovely views, so we spent some time walking in the sunshine and enjoying the views. It actually got really warm at this point, and I seriously started to regret the 3 fluffy layers and chunky knit scarf I was wearing. So after a good wander we rested our feet with a pizza stop.. ahh I could get used to the Italian lifestyle!


After our lunch stop we headed back to the centre to explore the Duomo Cathedral -from the inside and above! We made the mistake of not planning ahead and buying tickets so we did have to stand in the queue for a while, so tip for anyone who's planning a visit - buy online to skip the queues! However, the views were definitely worth the wait. We explored the beautiful interior of the cathedral before heading up in the lift for the roof views. The architecture was just amazing in all directions - no matter where you looked there was just so much detail! The Duomo is definitely a must-do in Milan! Our tickets also included entrance to the Museum, so after we'd finished up the roof we headed to the Museum for a little nosey, and then finished up the afternoon with a coffee in the main square - not a bad view!


After our coffee break, we headed back to hotel for a brief foot rest. It turned out we had walked around 13 miles the first day and around 15 miles by he end of the second day - so as you can imagine, a quick foot rest was required! However, we didn't stop for long... A quick outfit change and we were back on the metro again! On this evening, we decided to head to the Canal area for dinner, as we'd seen pictures online and it looked like it would be a good place for some food. When we arrived we were quite surprised by how quiet it was - understandably its not really touristy season yet, but it definitely seemed like a place where the locals went after work for a few drinks. It turned out there were more bars really than restaurants, but we eventually found a cute place to eat, so settled there for some grub and wine.


So that's pretty much it for my Milanese adventures, as the next day didn't really get chance for pictures as we were busy organising ourselves and getting to the airport. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and Italy is just a wonderful place to visit, so if you ever do get a chance to go - take it and run!
I've posted some outfit details below - I also just want to point out that my grey jeans were £9! Nine pounds! From Vera Moda via Asos. And my grey hat was £4.50 from New Look! How amazing is that!? Sadly they are sold out now, but I guess that what happens when jeans get reduced to nine pounds. Moral of the story - there's always a bargain to be had! And there may still be hats etc. left in stores, so its always worth browsing offline for the best of the sale leftovers. In the meantime, I've linked some similar style items below:

Bye for now Italy - I'll be back!



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If you missed my last blog post, you probably won't know that I've recently jetted off to Milan! To my misery, I'm now back in the UK, but at least with some wonderful memories. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have gathered by now that me and Sam are big fans of Italy, with our previous travel destination choices including Venice and Rome. So when we came across a bargain of a deal on Groupon, we decided Milan was the next place to tick off our travel list. 
Our short trip only lasted 2 days and 3 nights but was crammed with plenty of pizza, coffee and cake breaks, shopping, walking for miles, and visiting every tourist spot we could find! This post is a little run through of our first day in the fabulous city, unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side, but it didn't deter us from exploring all day long. Here's what we got up to...


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