Where have I been!? Apologies for my complete absence on here recently! The last few months have been such a busy blur of events that I'm not even sure where I am. I took a break from the blog because frankly, whilst writing my dissertation, I wore nothing but pyjamas and my onesie for about a month and a half... and lets just say that its not exactly a look I want to blog about any time soon. But thankfully, my dissertation (eventually) came to an end, and I
have now officially completed my 3 years at Uni! What a lovely, yet upsetting feeling!

Anyway I thought I'd share a few snaps of the recent Graduation Ball I attended at Newcastle Race Course. I just chose a simple long black dress for the occasion, as I didn't want any thing too OTT ball gown-esque, as I 've already done the whole High School Prom thing. So just a simple black dress with red lips it was - safe but classic.

Dress - Missguided - £40 - Available HERE
Lipstick - Lime Crime - £15 - Available HERE


  1. You look gorgeous! I think a simple black dress and red lips is always a classic look x

  2. You definitely look gorgeous! xx Nice blog you have!

  3. So cute! the style lines at the neck and chest are amazing on that dress!!

    xox Haley-

  4. Wow that dress is beautiful!

    Lucy |

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