Zara flat black pointed shoes

Boohoo Summer Bikini
Pointed Flats: Zara via eBay - £15 - Similar styles available HERE
Fedora Hat: Forever 21 - £7 - Similar HERE
Bikini: Boohoo - £20 - Available HERE
Sunglasses: Mango - £20 - Similar HERE
Books: The Rosie Project - Available HERE
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Available HERE
(both books are great for summer reads)

Once the clocks go forward for the start of spring, something in all of us seems to just snap. I can't quite explain that feeling, but it can be found in that moment where it reaches 7pm on an evening, and the clear blue sky is still blessing you with it's presence, and the light breeze touches your skin, and the smell of failed BBQ's fills the air. Yep, that's the feeling... Summer. Ahhh...
There's something about that summer vibe that's just so relaxing. Perhaps it's because I'm a northerner? Or perhaps it's because I've been wearing 3 pairs of socks everyday for the past 5 months and I'm just thankful for the lack of washing... who knows? But what I do know is that a bit of vitamin D does a hell of a lot of good!
Just 3 weeks ago I was wrapped up in my onesie on a daily basis trying to write my final year dissertation (hence my blog absence - I'm sorry!!!). I was feeling fed up, but most of all, bloody freezing! Living in a student house in the winter months can get really tough, especially when you've made a no-heating-pact with your flatmates in an attempt to save money. But I pushed on through, and last week I finished the first draft of my dissertation (a month early I might add *cough* medal please?)!
So now that the sun is out, I've never felt better! and what better way to celebrate this feeling than with a touch of spring/summer shopping! What a treat...

I thought these shoes were a great addition to the spring wardrobe, they're comfy and casual, whilst being smart and stylish too. They have sort of an 'asymmetric-thing' going on with the slanted edge front, which I really love as it gives them a real modern/cool look. Teamed with a Fedora, these accessories make the perfect base for any spring outfit. Love, love, love!
This bikini is totally different to what I usually go for in a bikini. I'm usually all about that block colour bandeau style, which, as you can see, bares no resemblance to this one I've picked from Boohoo. But something drew me to this style, I love this bold print and the range of bright colours it uses. and I thought a new style could make a pleasant change! ...although it may be a while until I actually get chance to wear it, I'm excited about it nonetheless!


  1. Love that bikini, I never really know what style to go for but I love that print!

  2. That bikini is rawrsome! We had our first BBQ of the year yesterday, it was perfect!

    Tara x

  3. Love this post. I love spring, and I love those pieces.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  4. Great picks, I love the sunglasses and the shoes!


  5. Love the shoes!

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