One I personally own... £4.59 (Available HERE)

Sometimes the best way to pull together an outfit is to accessorise. The small attention to detail required in matching your bag with your shoes, or your scarf with your hat, can just make that huge difference. Jewellery is wonderful way to accessorise any outfit, as just that extra step of clipping a chain around your neck, can give the appearance that effort and careful thought have been put into your outfit choice. 

I'm a sucker for a huge statement necklace, and I'm a particular fan of the necklaces Zara have to offer. They're always big, chunky, colourful, and have the ability to make any outfit look instantly more expensive and luxurious. However, they come at a price, and I personally think £20-£30 on a necklace is a little absurd. I don't know about you, but I've just never been able to bring myself to part with that kind of money in exchange for just a necklace. 

However, this does not by any means mean I've given up on the statement necklaces. Plenty of places have much cheaper and affordable alternatives, which are just as lovely. And I've discovered that one of the best places is definitely eBay! Some of the eBay shops offer a variety of statement necklaces from prices as low as a £1! And although they do take a few weeks to arrive (because the majority are shipped from China), most companies offer free shipping as a kind incentive. 

Here are a few that have caught my eye; the first two pictures are my older ones, both from New Look, but the rest can all still be found on eBay. I've added the links, so go crazy!

Left: £2.68 (Available HERERight: £6.99 (Available HERE)

Left: £3.78 (Available HERE) Right: £3.28 (Available HERE)

Left: £3.19 (Available HERERight: £3.37 (Available HERE)

Left: £3.18 (Available HERERight: £1.99 (Available HERE)

Hope this has been helpful for anyone looking for some cheaper alternatives!


  1. I have sooo many necklaces!! Love your New Look ones. :) Might order a few of your recommendations!

    Tara xo

  2. You're soo beautiful 😍😍😍:)

  3. You're soo beautiful 😍😍😍:)

  4. You're soo beautiful 😍😍😍:)

  5. I love statement necklaces! I have like a dozen of them but can't get enough of buying;-) They are so much better than those easy, simple necklaces! Really spice up the outfit

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