Hope everyone brought in the New Year in style and celebrated as they meant to go on!

2015 is a scary year for me, lots of big things are happening and theres a lot of uncertainty as to where I might be in a years time. I'm graduating in July, and finally entering the 'real world'... I hope I'm ready for it, but most importantly I hope it's ready for me!
So this year my new years resolution is going to be to start blogging more! I really enjoy sharing the little things I do and blogging adds a little burst of creativity back to my currently 'dissertation-filled' life.
This years NYE outfit kind of ended up 'Going-All-Taylor'... I have to say, I'm quite a big fan of The Swift; so her Blank Space/VS Fashion Show looks have been my style inspiration this year.

Lace Skort Playsuit - £24.99 - Missguided.co.uk
(Available HERE)

I stumbled across this playsuit on missguided.co.uk and found myself instantly clicking 'add to basket'! I don't think I actually realised I was looking for the 'Taylor Swift vibe' at first, but my subconscious must have been screaming 'Taylor rocked that black lace look, buy it, BUY IT". So I bought it, and I'm glad I did! It made a lovely, fairly inexpensive NYE outfit, it's good quality, and it even got delivered with some delicious chocolate treats! What more can a girl ask for? Thanks Missguided!



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