Tunisia Time! It finally happened! The week I had been waiting for all summer finally arrived!

...After almost 12 weeks of waitressing full time over my (ridiculously long) summer break off from Uni, my holiday actually happened. There were moments when I feared the day would never actually arrive. Summer felt like such a long, huge blur of carrying out plates and taking orders for Rice Puddings, that at moments, I couldn't even think back to a time where I didn't wear an Apron and Tie on a daily basis... Do I even have other clothes?

But those days of worrying are over. How do I know? Because I just got home from the most relaxing gorgeous week in Tunisia! And yes; it turns out I do have other clothes, as it appeared that throughout my blurry 12 weeks of restaurant-related memories, I actually managed to do a hell of a lot of internet shopping without really realising.

Tunisia was great and I would honestly recommend anyone to visit. 
Before our trip I heard a lot of negative things about Tunisia; that it "wasn't a safe place for tourists", that theres "pick pockets on every corner" and that they will "love me cause I'm blonde".
But really now... where is completely safe abroad!? What cities aren't filled with pick pockets? And why wouldn't you love my blonde locks? Seriously though, it's all a load of he said, she said. Go and see for yourself!

What I'm Wearing:
Sunglasses - £20 - Mango
Black Bikini Top - £3 - Primark
White Kimono - £6 -
Blue and White Floral Crop Top - £12 -
White High Waisted Shorts - £15 -
Yellow Crop Top - £10 -
White Playsuit - £5 - Primark
Black Maxi Dress - £9 -
Orange Bodycon Dress - £8 -

A very inexpensive holiday shop, mainly from the websites and - Thanks for the bargains!


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