So this blog post is going to be one more focused on the 'and stuff' section of my title, as its not at all related to fashion. However, it's a creative post which may inspire some gifts ideas from future Bridesmaids...

Basically, this year I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my Dad's fiancée, and instead of a Hen do night out, she's opting for a classier, daytime Bridal Shower. So once I realised I had to come up with a gift pretty quick, this is what I created...

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Basically, this is a great and very personalised creative gift idea which is just a simple collection of lots of mini gifts.
This gift works well if you know both the Bride and Groom pretty well, as you are then able to personalise the Survival Kit around things they like, things they don' like, stuff they argue over, etc.

It's very simple to create once you've got a few ideas. And some pretty handwriting and cute pegs make it way sweeter.

Some of my gifts were quite personlised, but many of them can be quite relevant to many couples. Here's what my survival kit entailed:

  • A set of ear plugs labelled: 'for when he snores'
  • A chocolate bar labelled: 'for when he works late'
  • A mini bottle of wine: 'for when he doesn't share'
  • A mini dry shampoo bottle: 'for when he says "be reading in 5 mins"'  (sure every woman can relate)
  • A set of candles 'for when his feet smell'
  • A face mask 'for when he uses all your products' (personal joke one)
  • A DVD 'for when you're sick of 'The Godfather'' (can be applied to any grooms favourite boring film)
  • A nail varnish: 'for when he says you've got too many' (P.J)
  • A pack of instant coffee: 'for when he sends you to sleep'
  • A pack of paracetamol: 'for when he gives you a headache'
  • A pack of Rennie: 'for when he eats too quick' (he always has indigestion)
  • A takeaway menu: 'for when he suggests you cook'
  • A bubble bath: 'for when you need to relax'

After you've come up with your contents ideas, all you need is a shoe box, some white paper, a ball of string or elastic, a black marker pen, and some mini pegs or clips (which can be bought from any little haberdashery store or paperchase)

Hope that's given a few people some creative ideas!


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