Being a student can be financially tough at times. Not everyone has the lucky access to the bank of mummy and daddy, and therefore we have to be careful about where we spend our dollar. This struggle is even more difficult if, like me, you have a bit of an unhealthy shopping addiction. I honestly don't even let myself go into Topshop or Zara anymore, why inflict that feeling of sadness on myself, that I cannot afford any of these beautiful items!

Therefore Primark is currently my go-to shop, and I really actually love the clothes they sell, despite the negativity associated with the store. Primark normally is pretty low cost anyway, but my happiness levels really do hit sky-high when I manage to find an item I love, that is then REDUCED in Primark!

So this last weekend gone, my Dad and his new fianc√© celebrated their engagement; therefore this required me finding a suitable outfit, on a very tiny budget. So you can imagine my the look on my face when I stumbled across this Black Midi Dress with Sheer Sleeves, in my size, and reduced to just £3 in Primark's sale section. Yes, that's right, three pounds. THREE.

Sometimes it's just meant to be...

Photos with my boyfriend (left), and brother (right).

What I'm Wearing:
Dress - £3! - Primark
Necklace - £7 - New Look
Clutch - £15 - Next
Shoes - £15 - Primark



Warning: This post includes erratic fan girl behaviour.

Oh my god, how awesome is Taylor Swift? In case you didn't pick up my tone, that was a rhetoric question. Because the answer is clearly: extremely awesome. I don't usually fan girl over anyone, but this week I got to go see the Swift herself at the O2 in London, and my god it was great! I had such a fun time and could have stayed there singing all night... but they didn't let me.

Here's what I went in (left), and what I returned home in (right). Yep; I was one of them losers who bought an overpriced concert t-shirt. 
...And not an ounce of shame.

Taylor swift fan girl tshirt taylor concert red mechandise

Necklace - £7 - New Look
Striped Top - £7 - Zara
Belt - £3 - Primark
Trousers - £11 - Zara
Boots - £10 - F&F @ Tesco!


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